We are one of the Major Supplier of Bitutainers in Tanzania which is quite active in Bitutainer business.

We lease the Bitutainers from European companies. Take them to the port at the refinery, Fill them up with bitumen and then returning back to export yard.

This operational procedures required experience and knowledgeable skills.

Each Bitutainers net weight capacity is 22 MTs, therefore higher capacity of the Bitutainers contributes For reducing the ocean freight level Per Metric Ton.

We normally divided the ocean freight level of each 20’ DC unit into 20 in order to Obtain freight cost Per Metric Ton cargo.

In regards to Bitutainers, we divide the ocean freight into 22 which is the net capacity of the Bitutainers The premium turns out to be slightly cheaper in comparison to the standard containers.

There is also heating generator attached to the Bitutainers,keeping the bitumen in warm and liquid Shape during the voyage, for a better and easier discharge at the load port.