Bitumen Suppliers / Bitumen Dealers in Tanzania.

Tanzania is building a huge network of national highways, state highways and rural roads and would need world class product quality in order to minimize the maintenance cost of the roads over their life cycle. There is a huge central funding, states funding, external aid from WB and Private investments to build this road network. yash international can significantly contribute to enhance longevity of road surface while simultaneously lowering maintenance cost through the application of technology based solutions during pavement construction and its preventive and routine maintenance .

Whereas earlier roads were built with the primary aim of moving passenger traffic only, roads today need to take care of extensive movement of goods through heavy load axles on the road due to explosive economic growth. Thus the road designs need to be suitably upgraded to take care of present load and traffic intensity conditions on the roads.

Another typical factor for tanzania is the wide climatic variations over geographies and over different periods. Also, certain parts of the country are subjected to heavy rainfall. Further, there is a massive legacy road network that has weak base and cannot be upgraded overnight but need to be maintained using maintenance applications. Thus serving tanzanias legacy road infrastructure as well as paving modern Highways and Airports of tomorrow needs application of High end products and technologies, which is capable to provide.

Has yash international entered the tanzanian market in bitumen with the following objectives: in building safe, high quality roads to the benefit of the country and thereby to build a long standing profitable bitumen business in tanzania.