Penetration Bitumen Grade 80 / 100

Bitumen 80/100
Property / Unit Specification Test method
Density,250C, 100 gr, 5 S, (1/10mm) 80-100/85-100 ASTM D5
Ductility, 250C, (mm/10) >100 ASTM D113
Softening point (0C) 42-52 / 45-52 ASTM D36
Loss On Heatng (1630C-5H) (wt%) >0.5 Max ASTM D6
Drop in penetration After Heating % 20 Max ASTM D6805
Loss of Weight (%) <0.8 ASTM D1754
After Thin Film Retained Penetration(%) >50 ASTM D5
Oven Test Ductility 250C >100 ASTM D113
(1630C, 5H 150C >100 ASTM D92
Flash Point (0C) 2300C ASTM D4
Bitumen Content (wt%) >99.5 ASTM D2042
Solubility in T.C.E (wt%) >99 ASTM D4
Density, 250C (kg/m2) >1.000/1.050 ASTM D71 or 3289
Temperature (0C) Max 90-100 above the soft
Uses And Restrictions :

Penetration Bitumen 80-1000 are used as components for road construction.

This product must not be used in applications other than the above without first seeking the advise of the supplier.